Offer the Kallithea instance to copyleft projects?

Bradley M. Kuhn bkuhn at
Mon May 4 17:59:52 EDT 2015

[ Sorry for my late reply, I had some mail filtering issues in April
that caused me not to see a lot of email, until now. :) ]

Aaron Wolf wrote on  8 April:
> This may be a crazy idea, but I figured might as well ask. As lots of
> projects that really value copyleft are dealing with the Gitorious
> Apocalypse, the Kallithea instance hosted at is a good
> political spot to potentially provide code-hosting only to copyleft
> projects. Of course, hosting other projects adds responsibility and
> hassle, but we're already running the Kallithea instance…

> So, folks in charge: thoughts?

This is just not something I can do.  I barely have the resources to
keep the Kalltihea instances running for the projects I have to take
care of.

Note that I have to do all the technical work for myself,
so you're basically suggesting that I find time in my schedule to offer
services generally to any project that's copylefted.

Also, while your point about political alignment makes sense on one
left, it doesn't on another -- isn't a hosting site for
copylefted projects, it's a site for projects that are, themselves,
about copyleft.

   -- bkuhn

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