Offer the Kallithea instance to copyleft projects?

Aaron Wolf wolftune at
Wed Apr 8 11:44:30 EDT 2015

This may be a crazy idea, but I figured might as well ask. As lots of
projects that really value copyleft are dealing with the Gitorious
Apocalypse, the Kallithea instance hosted at is a good
political spot to potentially provide code-hosting only to copyleft
projects. Of course, hosting other projects adds responsibility and
hassle, but we're already running the Kallithea instance…

So, folks in charge: thoughts?

Those of us who haven't made the leap to a new option yet are finding
Gitorious crumbling now (recurring 502 errors). I'd love to have our
code hosting be at as it's that much more hassle for us to
deal with separate self-hosting and there's value in some centralization
in terms of people not having to make separate accounts with dozens of
different instances. The more services that are available to copyleft
projects only, the more extra perks come with choosing copyleft licenses…

Aaron Wolf

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