bootstrap, the hamburger and website design (was Re: minor website bug: hamburger does nothing in guide)

Bradley M. Kuhn bkuhn at
Sat Oct 3 01:23:39 EDT 2015

I'm sorry it took me so long to respond on this thread.  I read back
through Ciarán and mlinksva's thread from early this year just now about
the "hamburger" problems.  (Fontana seemed very disturbed by that
phrasing at FOSDEM, BTW).

I think ultimately I need someone who knows bootstrap well to help me
here.  I bet that people who use bootstrap have faced problem of font
sizes and the like.  I should also note that the Guide HTML is
generated by a complex tex4ht setup, which I've wrapped bootstrap
around, and similarly the wiki is ikiwiki with similar hacked together

I learned bootstrap in about 6 hours and threw this together.  It's not

BTW, for future reporting, since we currently lack a bug tracker:

   is where bug reports  that don't relate to the Guide itself per say
   go, and in the main Guide repository is where actual bugs in the Guide

(I realize Ciarán couldn't edit the wiki due to his bug, so email made
sense there).
   -- bkuhn

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