format will change from LaTeX -> (CommonMark|AsciiDoc): which should we chose?

John Sullivan johns at
Tue Aug 16 23:41:29 EDT 2016

Allison Randal <allison at> writes:

>> Or, maybe what I'm asking for here really is a project commitment to
>> maintain a print-ready branch.
> One thing to keep in mind, is that "print-ready" doesn't necessarily
> mean "checked into version control in LaTex". I have written and edited
> many books in a Markdown-like format (Perl Pod), with Makefiles checked
> into each book's repo that built HTML, DocBook, LaTeX, and PDF (via
> LaTeX) versions of the book. Other tech publishers follow similar
> patterns. I also currently maintain an extensive set of strategy
> documents in ReStructuredText, with Sphinx build files to generate HTML
> and PDF (again, via LaTeX).

Agreed that there are other ways, and I trust your experience. I guess I
just haven't seen a system in action that didn't require some
modifications when formatting for one of either the web or print
version. It sounds like currently the system here uses a file of "hacks"
to produce the web version. If we end up with the flip side -- a file of
modifications needed to produce the print version -- I hope it can be
tested periodically so that we don't end up with a pile of work to do
when it's time to print. I'd like to keep the print version as a fully
supported architecture. :)


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