format will change from LaTeX -> (CommonMark|AsciiDoc): which should we chose?

Stefano Zacchiroli zack at
Mon Aug 15 13:04:34 EDT 2016

On Mon, Aug 15, 2016 at 06:27:31PM +0200, Bradley M. Kuhn wrote:
> I think this is actually an important decision for a very simple reason:
> we need a format that is highly likely to inspire people to contribute.
> The type of person we want may be new to editing something in anything
> but LibreOffice or Microsoft Word, but is probably willing to learn and
> maybe even wants to learn, but also doesn't want the task to be daunting
> (like editing LaTeX is).  They probably want transferrable editing
> skills too as a bonus to contributing here.

If this is the benchmark, then the answer is clearly "the kind of
markdown that GitHub is using" (like it or not), because that's the most
likely venue where sporadic editors of plain-text will find their next
piece of plain-text to edit.

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