my stupid? access problem for

Bill Bogstad bogstad at
Sat Oct 3 12:11:22 EDT 2015

When I attempt to access the URL above from an up to date Ubuntu 14.04
Firefox install using a pristine user profile, I get an SSL
certificate violation.   FIrefox has gotten very restrictive about
certs recently and I've run into this with a number of other sites
that use SSL/TLS recently.   Firefox complains while both Google
Chrome and the Ubuntu Chromium browsers work fine.   Whether or not
the problem is really with what Firefox is doing is an error or not,
it might be worth fixing this if possible.   It seems to me that
Firefox is more "free" then either of the Chromium browsers so it
would be nice to make this work.   Or possibly I just have some odd
config issue...

Bill Bogstad

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